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Mini Bong
: $9.99

Perfect for traveling or as a private piece.
Genie Dab Rig
: $41.99

Dabstix presents the "Genie" Dab Rig. The style of this rig is one of a kind and is perfect for an on the go piece or present for someone special.
Typhoon Dab Rig
: $59.99

All new Typhoon dab rig! Made of shatter resistant glass and includes glass dab nail. Only $59.99

Nectar Collector
: $66.99

This nectar collector kit is made of shatter resistant glass and includes a titanium tip and a glass tip with wax catcher to endure the smoothest hits.

Thick Glass Mid-Sized Bong
: $18.99

These water bongs are made with quality thick glass and are a perfect size for on the go traveling. They stand 6 inches tall and are ONLY 18.99!!

Comes with a carb on the backside.
Available in Green or Blue!
Colored Mini Bong
: $9.99

The perfect size mini bong!
Stands 5 inches tall.
Blue Beaker Bong
: $16.99

Stands 8" Tall
Base 3.25" Tall
: $120.00

Stands Approx. 10" Tall
: $90.00

Stands Approx 9.5" Tall
Glass 7
: $90.00

Stands Approx. 10" Tall